Scholarship Requirements

Campus Club normally awards two scholarships each year.  Preference shall be given to a child or grandchild of a current (dues paid) member.

The recipient shall have completed 30 semester hours at Louisiana State University (not including  AP or CLEP hours), and have a minimum GPA of 3.5. Eligible students should apply through the LSU Student Aid and Scholarship Office by June 1.

Donations or Memorial Gifts to the Scholarship Fund

Memorial donations are an appropriate expression of sympathy to members who have had deaths in their family. You may also choose to honor a friend or family member on a special occasion. All donations are tax deductible. Please use the form in your yearbook or on the link below. Thank you for your generosity in supporting our scholarship fund.

To make a gift to the scholarship fund click here for a printable form.

Recipients of the Campus Club Scholarship

2016    Jessica Saey and Mary Katherine Arotin
2015    Krista Courter and Morgan Rodrigue
2014    Jena Kyle and Olivia Shaffett
2013    Daniel Adler, Jr. and Katherine Bonnecaze
2012    Leslie Burch, Jena Kyle
2011    Lindsey Deason, Meaghan Hussey, Elise Madare
2010    Ashley Cotton, Andrew LeBas
2009    Katherine McDermott, Meghan O’Quinn, Scott Villar
2008    Todd Buford. Leslie Swearingin
2007    Aida Amha Lisan, Connie Boudreaux
2006    Ella J. Godwin, Scott M. Hannaman
2005    Tomasz P. Stryjewski, Elizabeth Ray Earle
2004    Amanda Exner, Anna Wojtanowicz
2003    Allysa Faye McMills
2002    Sara Exner, Michael Tipton
2001    Adam Cygan, Hans Metcalf
2000    Wojciech Stryjewski
1999    Kelly Hannaman, Katrin Saile
1998    Iris Gutmark, Gitanjali Srivastava
1997    Emily Ramey Hafner
1996    Dawn Marie Roberts
1995    Jana E. Boyd
1994    Shiwali Rai
1993    Tianyi Ling
1992    Tomasz Czarnecki
1991    Mriiam D. Davis
1990    Karen Fitzsimons
1989    Christopher Mark Fulton
1988    Carol Nicholson
1987    Fiona O’Connell
1986    Marie Susanne Spustek
1985    Jerry Richard Thomas
1984    Joffa Lyn Braymer
1983    Charles Earl Rossman
1982    Suzanne Marie Nauman
1981    Christopher Paul Grenier
1980    Kenneth W. Tipton, Jr.
1979    Dea Ann Harman
1978    Barbara Jan Lavergne
1977    Daniel William Jordan
1976    Mary Fiona McLaughlin


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