2013 (Revised)


The Name of this organization shall be the CAMPUS CLUB OF LSU. 


The object of this Club shall be to promote friendship among its members and to recognize academic excellence in the form of an LSU scholarship to be awarded to a child or grandchild of a current member of Campus Club.


Membership shall be open to women who are employees, or the wives of employees, holding an academic or administrative position with Louisiana State University.

(A) Persons who have met eligibility for membership of the Campos Club of LSU shall always be eligible for membership.

(B) Persons eligible for membership who may come at midyear shall be considered guests for the remainder of the year.


Annual membership dues shall be set by the Executive Committee and are payable by the first meeting in the Fall.  Members who have not paid dues by November 1 shall be sent a notice to this effect by the Treasurer. Only those who have paid dues by January 1 shall be considered current members of the Club for that year.


Sec. 1.           PERSONNEL.   The officers of the Club shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Reporter, elected annually at the business meeting of the Club, by simple majority.  The officers shall assume their duties at the close of the current club year, May 31.

Sec. 2.           NOMINATIONS & ELECTION.  The President shall appoint a five-member nomination committee that is widely representative of the Club.  The committee will bring in a ticket of nominees, one candidate for each office, which shall be presented to the Club.  Nominees must be paid members of the Club.  Before voting, further nominations must be called for from the floor.  Voting shall be by secret ballot, in case of two or more nominations for any office.  The Vice President will make the commitment to serve as President for the following year (at the time of nomination for Vice President).

Sec. 3.          DUTIES.

President.   It shall be the duty of the President to preside over all business meetings, to appoint all committee Chairs and to inform them of their duties, to coordinate the work of all officers, and to serve as an ex-officio member of all committees.  The President will keep a President’s journal outlining her term of office, to be transferred to the incoming President by MAY 31.

Vice President.   It shall be the duty of the Vice President to assume the duties of the President in her absence.  She shall be Chair of the Membership Committee.

Secretary.  It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep the minutes of the annual business meetings, which shall be transferred to her successor at the close of her term of office.  The Secretary shall assist the president with correspondence as needed.

Treasurer.   It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to collect dues, disburse funds for club activities, and to keep an accurate account of all money matters of the Club.  She shall keep up-to-date files of all members and give her successor all books and financial records by May 31.  The annual treasurer’s report shall be distributed at the Spring business meeting.

Reporter.   It shall be the duty of the Reporter to give notice of meetings and report Club activities to the local media.  The reporter shall take a wide variety of digital photos at each event to post on Shutterfly, or other digital provider, and compile a book from the digital provider at the end of the year.


Sec. 1.          The Executive Committee shall consist of the regularly elected officers of Campus Club, the Chair of the Past Presidents Board, and the immediate Past President.  The Executive Committee shall meet a minimum of twice yearly (in the Fall and Spring) to organize and conclude the year’s business.                  

Sec. 2.          PAST PRESIDENTS BOARD.   There shall be a Past Presidents Board composed of all past presidents of Campus Club.  This Board shall meet in May for a luncheon and business meeting.

The function of this Board shall be to act as an advisory body to the current Executive Committee of the Campus Club.  One member of this Board shall be elected Chair in May and shall serve as the Board’s representative on the Executive Committee.

Sec. 3.          The President shall appoint (1) a membership committee, (2) an event Chair for each event, (3) a finance committee with the Treasurer as Chair, (4) a yearbook committee, (5) a scholarship committee with three people serving staggered terms of three years, with the immediate Past President serving as an additional member, and (6) a special interest groups committee Chair.

Membership Committee.   The Membership Committee shall consist of the officers of the Campus Club of LSU.  The Vice President shall serve as Chair.  The duties of the Membership Committee shall be to contact those eligible for membership in the Campus Club of LSU and to notify them of their eligibility at the beginning of each year.  The Membership Committee will assist the President in preparing the Fall mailing.

Event Chairs Committee.  The duties of the Event Chairs Committee shall be to arrange for the regular meetings of the Club.  The Chairs shall send a brief report on their event to the President and a financial form to the Treasurer for reimbursement.

Finance Committee.   The duties of the Finance Committee shall be to assist the Treasurer in the collection of the dues, to assist the President in planning for the expenses of the club including computer services, yearbook printing, postage, event expenses, and the payment of any net proceeds from any fundraiser to the LSU Foundation for the Scholarship Fund.

Yearbook Committee.  The duty of the Yearbook Committee shall be to compile the Yearbook and have it ready for distribution at the first meeting of the year.

Scholarship Committee.   The duties of the Scholarship Committee shall be to review the contact with the LSU Foundation and present any proposed changes at a Club business meeting, for approval by two-thirds of the members present at that meeting.  The committee will determine the number of scholarships and the amount of each scholarship, based on the recommendations of the LSU Foundation and the LSU Office of Student Aid.

Special Interest Groups Chair.   The duty of the Special Interest Groups Chair shall be to choose a Chair for each special interest group for the Club.


The meetings of the Club shall take place on the first Friday of any month (date can be changed at the discretion of the Executive Committee), with a minimum of five meetings during the year.  The place and type of meetings held during the year shall be left to the discretion of the Executive Committee.  A business meeting shall be set aside for the election of officers and any other business that might be brought before the Club.  The date of the business meeting shall be designated in the Yearbook.


Proposed amendments to these by-laws shall be submitted in writing to the membership.  Proposed amendments shall be adopted on a two-thirds vote of the members voting.


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